FIANZ Head Office


Principal Functions

  • The administration of halal certification and maintenance of halal standards and practices to enable the successful promotion of New Zealand halal meat exports to Muslim countries and Muslim consumers throughout the world
  • Liaison with the New Zealand meat industry, exporters and overseas halal importing authorities
  • Selection and supervision of halal slaughtermen
  • The fostering of good relations between the New Zealand Muslim community and all other New Zealand citizens
  • Assisting New Zealand Muslims to fully integrate into their local communities and New Zealand society as a whole
  • Promoting the interests, and enhancing the effectiveness, of the New Zealand regional Muslim associations affiliated with FIANZ with a view to a positive, cooperative, co-existence with other religious and ethnic groups in New Zealand
  • The development and maintenance of good international relations with:
    • The diplomatic community in Wellington and Canberra
    • A range of other organisations
    • The administration of the Islamic Development Bank Scholarship Programme


Sultan Eusoff

Chief Executive Officer

+64 220 786 262