Islamic Centres in New Zealand


Airport Masjid - Al Maqtoum
91 Westney Rd, Mangere
Directions: Past Zayed College
Organisation: Auckland Airport
Phone: (09) 256 0341 (Telephone enquires between 10am - 3pm Monday - Friday)
Services: All Salat & Madrasah Classes Every day
Al Falaah Islamic Centre - Dannemora & Howick
1/8 Laidlaw Way, Dannemora
Directions: Off Ormiston Rd

Salat / Prayers
Time: Daily - Fajr, Zuhr, Asar, Maghrib and Isha There is regular attendance at each of the prayers.

Daily Fikr
Time: Daily - after Fajr
Language: English / Urdu.

Daily Taleem
Time: Daily - after Isha
Language: English / Urdu

Jumu'ah (Friday) Prayer
Khutbah starts at 1.55 PM each Friday (Daylight Savings time). This prayer is obligatory for all Muslims and this is the largest congregation of Muslims each week.
Time: Friday - 1.30 PM (Bayaan starts) Daylight Savings time
Speaker: Hafiz Riaz (Imam)
Language: English

Weekly Ladies Programme About Islam and its importance!
Time: Wednesday 7 - 9 pm
Language: English / Urdu

Dars e Qur'an
Qur'an tafseer in English
Speaker:Hafiz Riaz
Time: Friday - after Maghrib salat
Language: English / Arabic

Adult Arabic Classes
Time: Monday to Thursday - after Fajr
Tutor: Hafiz Riaz

Rules and Etiquettes:
Jumu'ah (Friday) Prayer
Due to the large attendance, parking is limited so please carpool if possible and arrive early.
Al Farooq Cultural & Dvpt. Trust Centre - Otahuhu
34 Portage Road, Otahuhu
PO Box 22 387

Phone: (09) 276 0841
Daily Madrasah
Youth Lectures and other Activities
Tafseer for ladies every Thursday
Monthly programme on 3rd week
Al Manar Islamic Trust - Mount Roskill
70 Carr Rd,Mt Roskill
Directions: Off Frost Rd and also off Hillsborough Rd

Phone: (09) 620 2643

5 times salaat no Jumah yet
Al-Mustafa Jamia Masjid - South Auckland/Otahuhu
26 Mangere Road, Otahuhu
PO Box 22 807

Phone: (09) 276 6725
Services: Madrasah Classes Every day
Qur'an Daras Monday after Maghrib (Isha in winter)
Adult Qur'an Classes Tuesday after Maghrib (Isha in winter)
Fikre Akhirat Wednesday after Maghrib (Isha in winter)
Masala Masail Thursday after Maghrib (Isha in winter)
Madni Dhikr Friday after Maghrib (Isha in winter)
Sunday Sisters Programme 2pm - 4pm
Birkenhead Islamic Centre
79 Onewa Rd, Birkenhead North, North Shore

Organisation: Birkenhead
(021) 261 0798
(021) 222 0786
5 times salaat but no Jumah yet.
Glen Innes Islamic Centre
127 Elstree Ave, Glen Innes
International Terminal
Auckland Airport International Terminal

Directions: 1st floor, through the extra dining area of food-court (follow weka trail sign)
Organisation: Auckland Airport
Prayer mats only but very private.
Rules and Etiquettes: Do wuduu in the bathrooms.
Islamic Educational & Dawah Trust
PO Box 22 526

Phone: (09) 256 0341
Kelston Islamic Centre
45 Cartwright Road, Kelston

Directions: Off Sabulite Rd
Lynfield Islamic Centre - Mount Roskill
143 White Swan Rd, Mt Roskill

- NB Friday prayers at Mt Roskill War Memorial Hall, May Road, Mt Roskill
- Madrasah classes Monday to Friday from 5 pm until 7 pm (@ 143 White Swan Rd)
- Ijtima every Friday from Asr to Maghrib – this Ijtima covers Qur'an Hadith & Zikr culminating with salaam & dua (@ 143 White Swan Rd)
Masjid Al Noor - Avondale Islamic Centre
122 Blockhouse Bay Rd, Avondale
PO Box 19339

Organisation: Avondale
Phone: (09) 828 2786
- Daily Madrasah
- Sunday Sisters Programme 2pm-4pm
- Dars e Qur'an for ladies, Every Friday 5.30pm - 7pm (in Urdu) Sun 10am in English.
- Sunday Sisters Programme 2pm - 4pm
- Classes for Children, Sundays 4pm
Masjid At-Taqwa - Manukau
58 Grayson Ave, Manukau City

Phone: (09) 277 7175
Madrasah Classes Every day
Monthly Lecture Every Month. Open Invitation. Dinner inc.
Weekly Lectures Every Thursday Night
Arabic Language Course/ Qur’an Learning classes for children and ladies.
Various Activities for Youth & General Public
Live Lectures Streaming, Weekly: Thursday After Salat Al Maghrib
Monthly: First Saturday of every month 6 pm.
Arabic Language Classes: Every Saturday: Level - 0 11:00 to 1:30, Level - 1 02:00 to 4:30
Masjid Ayesha - Manukau
96 Maich Road, Manurewa, Manukau City

Phone: (09) 264 0660
Islamic Kindergarten: Mondays to Thursdays
Qur'an & Islamiyat Classes for Children: Monday to Friday from 5.00pm
Qur'an Classes for Adults: Monday & Wednesday evenings
Senior Citizens’ Islamiyat: Monday to Thursday after Zuhr
Hadeeth Daras: Sundays after Fajr
Youth Programmes: Saturdays
Bi-monthly Jalsah: 3rd Saturday every second month
Ladies Programmes: Wednesdays & Saturdays
Dawah Programmes: Daily
Other Services: Marriage Celebrant & Nikah, JP Services, Funeral Arrangements, Community & Family Meetings, Interfaith Dialogue, Facilitate resolution of family problems, etc.
Masjid e Abu Bakr - East Auckland Islamic Trust
5B Cortina Place, Pakuranga
PO Box 251 019

Phone: (09) 577 5030
Masjid Umar - Mount Roskill
185 - 187 Stoddard Road, Mt Roskill

Mobile: (021) 0253 2786 (Imam Mo.Mohammed Patel)
Services: Salat / Prayers: Time: Daily - Fajr, Zuhr, Asar, Maghrib and Isha
Daily Fikr Time: Daily - after Fajr - Language: English / Urdua
Daily Taleem - Time: Daily - after Isha Language: English / Urdua
Jumu'ah (Friday) Prayer: Khutbah starts at 12.55 PM each Friday. This prayer is obligatory for all Muslims and this is the largest congregation of Muslims each week. Time: Friday - 12.20 PM (Bayaan starts)
Speaker: Maulana Mohammed (Imam) Language: English / Urdua
Weekly Lecture - About Islam and its importance! Time: Wednesday - after Isha
Language: English / Urdu
Dars e Qur'an - Qur'an Tafseer in English Speaker: Hafiz Muhammed
Time: Saturday and Sunday - after Asra
Adult Qur'an Classes: After Fajr Monday to Thursday
Women Qur'an Classes - Time: Saturday 12:00pm to 2:00pm
Location: 189 A Stoddard Rd - Downstairs For registration contact Imam
Masaail Classes for woman: Wednesday - 10.30am to 12.30pm
Location: 189 A Stoddard Rd - Downstairs
Adult Arabic Classes, Time: Wednesday and Sunday - after Isha,
Tutor: Shaikh Amjed
Rules and Etiquettes:
Jumu'ah (Friday) Prayer:Due to the large attendance, parking is limited so please carpool if possible and arrive early.
Maunatul Islam Trust of New Zealand
45 Thomas Rd, Mangere

Services: Salat
Madrasah etc
Mount Albert Islamic Centre
Rocket Park, New North Rd, Mt Albert

Mobile: (021) 124 4114
Only Friday Prayers
Fridays Pre Khutbah Lectures for sisters and brothers
Jumu'ah Prayers for sisters and brothers
E-Magazine: Rocket Science (monthly) subscribe on the website
New Lynn Islamic Centre
13 Ward Street, New Lynn

Directions: Near New Lynn Mall
North Shore Islamic Centre - Glenfield
9b Kaimahi Drive, Glenfield

Directions: Off Target Rd
Phone: (09) 441 2493
Services: Jumu'ah Salat at Glenfield Recreational Centre - 1.45pm ( Jamat Time), 30 Downing St, Glenfield, North Shore City
Onehunga Islamic Centre
140 Church Street, Onehunga

Services: - Open for the 5 daily prayers, apart from Jumu'ah salat
- Madrasah for children ages 5 - 17 every weekdays 5 - 7 pm
- Qur'an and Arabic class for adults, Fridays, 7.30 - 8.30 pm
- Saturday Taklim for families, Saturdays, 7.00 - 8.30 pm
Papakura Islamic Centre Al Iqra Islamic Centre
12 Tironui Station Road, Takanini

Services: Daily Madrasah
Papatoetoe Islamic Centre / Islamic Cultural & Development Trust
63 Park Ave, Papatoetoe
Ponsonby Masjid
17 Vermont St, Ponsonby, Auckland
PO Box 91504

Phone: (09) 378 8200
Services: - Madrasah Mon - Wed 5 - 7pm, Sat - Sun 10am - 12.30pm
- General programme every Friday.
University Masjid
9 Mount Street

Directions: Off Symonds Street
Organisation: Auckland University
Services: Five daily prayers
2 Jumu'ah @ 1.30 pm and 2.15pm in summer (NZ daylight saving time) and 1 hour earlier in winter (NZ standard time).
West Auckland Masjid - Ranui, Waitakere City
31 - 33 Armada Dr. Ranui, Waitakere City

Phone: (09) 833 9072

Bay of Plenty

Rotorua Islamic Centre
21 Tarewa Road, Rotorua
Bay Of Plenty

Mobile: (021) 047 1753
Friday, Jumu'ah Prayer
Taraweeh Prayers
Festival Prayers
Arabic classes are held on Sundays.
Languages: English and Arabic.
Tauranga Masjid
85 18th Avenue, Tauranga
Bay Of Plenty

Directions: Off Cameron Road
- Madrasah Classes every Tuesday and Thursday after Asar salat in summer and in winter after Maghrib Salat
- Regular Milaad programmes & other actives


Masjid al Noor - Canterbury Islamic Centre
101 Deans Avenue, Riccarton
PO Box 8272

Phone: (03) 348 3930
Timaru Muslim Association
7 George Street, City Center, Timaru

Phone: +64 (0)22 343 1918
- We gather for one prayer daily (this could be Asar, Maghreb or Isha ) after - working hours and Jumua prayer; Timings for these prayers are displayed on homepage.

Hawke's Bay

Hawke's Bay Baitul Mokarram Masjid and Islamic Centre Trust
718 Heretaunga Street East, Hastings, Hawkes Bay 4201
Hawke's Bay

Directions: Location at the intersection of Heretaunga Street & Riverslea Road in Hastings which is about a 20 minutes drive from Napier City.
Organisation: Islamic Centre Trust
Phone: (06) 878 6001

Manawatu / Wanganui

Ad-Deen Masjid
3 Tui Street, Taihape
Manawatu / Wanganui

Mobile: 0274165742
Services: Contact Person: Br Saifudin
Daily Prayers. Entrance to the Masjid is via combination lock door. Please contact Br Saifudin for entry code. Public parking facilities available.
Jumaah Salat 2:30pm.
Please also note that the website is able to accept donations made using Paypal, please visit the website for more details.
Masjid - E-Bilal - Islamic Association of Wanganui
68 Talbot Street, Whanganui East, Whanganui
Manawatu / Wanganui

Organisation: Islamic Association of Wanganui
Mobile: (021) 184 2015
Services: 1.10pm-1.30pm: Friday, Jumu'ah Prayer.
Massey University Islamic Centre
Campus Road, Palmerston North 4410
Manawatu / Wanganui

Organisation: Massey University
Services: Kindly send email queries to Prof. Ibrahim Al-Bahadly.
Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week
Palmerston North Islamic Centre
81 Cook St, Palmerston North 4410
PO Box 1482
Manawatu / Wanganui

Phone: (06) 357 8362
Services: All salat etc
Some rooms available for rent to single Muslim men
A small library of books and tapes in English and Arabic.


Muslim Association of Marlborough
25 Alfred Street, Blenheim

Directions: Marlborough Community Centre Seminar Room
Organisation: Muslim Association of Marlborough
Mobile: (027) 353 2125 (Br Fouad)
(027) 644 979 (Br Zayd)
Services: Jumu'ah Salah time between 12 & 2pm


Northland Islamic Centre
11C Porowini Avenue

Directions: Off Maunu Road, opposite Northland Club. The masjid is at the rear of the property
Organisation: Northland Muslim Community Charitable Trust
(021) 864 832
(021) 022 35124
Services: All Muslims welcome, adults and children.
Salat As Below
The masjid is open for Jumu'ah salat (held at 1:30 p.m. all year)
For the 5 daily prayers.
On Saturdays, there is a dars for men after Maghrib prayer.
Rules and Etiquettes:
- If possible, please make wuduu before you come as our facilities are very limited.
- Please be considerate of our neighbours.
- Please do not upset our neighbours by parking at the front.


Masjid Al Huda / Dunedin Islamic Centre
21 Clyde Street, Dunedin
PO Box 6288

Phone: (03) 477 1838
Otago University - Otago Muslim Student's Association (MUSA)
Otago University

Directions: Archway, near Archway lecture theatre, Rooms B16 and B17
Organisation: Otago Muslim Student's Association (MUSA)
Mobile: (022) 475 2628
Services: Prayer Facility


Community Centre & Masjid
31 Fairview Avenue, Invercargill

(027) 311 7962 (Br. Azeem Haqqani)
(021) 238 5881 (Br. Mursad Ali)
(027) 240 4382 (Br. Reza Abdul Jabbar)


Hawera Islamic Centre
20 Turuturu Road, Hawera, Taranaki 4800

Phone: (06) 278 8263
Muslim Association of Taranaki
185 Smart Road Hillsborough

Phone: 0800 786 000
- Our five daily prayers and Jumu'ah prayers
- Halaqah on Friday between Maghrib and Isha
- Sunday Madrasah class between 10:00 and 12:00
- Jumu'ah Salah time: 13:30 Daylight saving time


Hamilton West Islamic Centre
45 Bandon Street, Frankton, Hamilton

Phone: (07) 960 1602
Mobile: (027) 474 4201
Services: - 5 daily salat
- Jumu'ah Salat
- Children's Class four days a week
- Ladies learning programmes
- Men Tafseer Qur'an every Monday
Jamii Masjid
921 Heaphy Terrace, Hamilton
PO Box 665

Phone: (07) 855 0567
Pukekohe Islamic Centre
107 Princess St, Pukekohe

- All salat
- Madrasah Classes Mon - Thurs
- (Asr to Maghrib in summer - Maghrib to Isha in winter)
- General programme every 1st Sunday of the month after Asr
Te Aroha Islamic Centre
29 Rewi Street, Te Aroha

Mobile: (027) 484 3712
- 5 daily salat
- Jumu'ah Salat
- 5 amaal
Te Kuiti Islamic Centre
233/ 235 Rora Street, Te Kuiti

Directions: Entrance from the back of the building, 1st Floor
Phone: (07) 878 8333
Services: - 1.10pm - 1.30pm: Friday, Jumu'ah Prayer
University of Waikato, Hamilton Prayer room
Knighton Road, Hamilton 3240

- LG.0.21, L Block (Prayer Room for males)
- LG.0.22, L Block, (Prayer room for females)


Lower Hutt Islamic Centre - Hutt Valley Trust
14-20 Hunter St, Lower Hutt

Organisation: Hutt Valley Trust
Phone: (04) 970 2925
- Tafsir programme on Saturdays between Maghrib and Isha
- Tabligh programme on Thursday from Maghrib
- Somali language classes for girls on Saturday from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm
- Somali language classes for boys on Sunday from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm
- English Language children's classes on Sunday from Asr to Maghrib
Newlands Islamic Centre
40 Bracken Road, Newlands

Organisation: Al-Hijra Islamic Education Trust
Phone: (04) 477 0290
Mobile: (021) 025 45085
Services: - Family Night
- Men's Arabic + Islamiat Class
- Women's Arabic Class
- Refer to centre noticeboard for session timings
Rules and Etiquettes:
- Shoes must be placed on the shoe rack to not block the entrance
- Cars must be parked correctly, away from the bus stop and not blocking the driveway
- Please come in quietly to not disturb other worshippers
Porirua Islamic Centre
58-60 Waihora Crescent, Waitangirua, Porirua East

Phone: (04) 235 6637
- Tafsir programme at the centre on Tuesdays between Maghrib and Isha
- Tafsir programme held in houses on Fridays between Maghrib and Isha
- Tabligh programme on Sundays from Maghrib
- Children's classes on Saturdays and Sundays from 11:00 am to 1:30 pm
Tawa Islamic Centre
6 Oxford Street, Tawa
Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand
Wellington Masjid - Kilbirnie
7-11 Queens Drive, Kilbirnie, Wellington 6241
PO Box 14503

Phone: (04) 387 4226
- Tafsir programme on Thursdays between Maghrib and Isha
- Tabligh programme on Tuesdays from Maghrib
- Women's Qur'anic Arabic language classes on Sunday from 11:00 am to 12:00 noon
- Women's Group Programme on Sunday from 12:30 am to 1:30 pm
- Youth Group programme on Sundays from 12:30 am to 1:30 pm
- Class for New Muslims/Refresher on the Basics of Islam on Sunday from 11.00 am to 12.00 noon
- Children's Qur'an classes on Sunday from 11:00 am to 12.00 noon
- Children's Islamic Studies classes on Sunday from 12.30 to 1.30 pm
- Somali language children's classes on Saturdays and Sundays from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm

Several textbooks have been developed for the children's Islamiyat classes and are available from the Teachers. The current role for the Sunday morning classes numbers approximately 120 students from ages 5 onwards