🚀 Exciting News! *We’ve expanded the age group for our upcoming event! Now, it’s open to the incredible minds of the 15-21 age group.*

Join our first NSIA Innovation Competition – *Hack To Hackathon* !

Calling all creative minds aged 15-21, of any gender! 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️ Participate in this 2-day event, where collaboration meets innovation.

✨️ *What is a hackathon?*
A hackathon is a creative social problem-solving event, a 2-day event where people come together to collaborate in a team of up to 5 members to solve a problem or identify new opportunities.

The goal of a hackathon is often to build a working prototype, or proof-of-concept, of a product or feature in a short amount of time, and to have fun, improve skill sets, and network while doing it.

No matter your background and what you excel at. In a hackathon, everyone is needed.

Each team then presents their solution to a panel of judges for prizes, bounties, and more.

🗓 Date: 19th-20th January 2024
📍 Location: 58 Akoranga Drive, NSIA HUB
👥 Age: 15-21 years old
💲 Fees: $15/Participant
🔗 Registration Link: www.ourbigdream.co.nz/hackathon

*What to Bring* :
💻 Laptop and charger
🔗 USB sticks
👕 Comfortable modest clothing

🍽 *Meals* :
Enjoy complimentary meals – dinner on Friday, lunch, and snacks on Saturday.

🏆 *Prizes* :
Exciting rewards await each participant of the winning team!

🤝 *Mentors* :
Experienced mentors will guide teams as they experiment and build solutions.

👥 *Team Formation* :
Form your own teams or get assigned to a team of up to 5 members.

🌐 *Theme* :
Explore challenges facing the Muslim community in the Western world. 🌍
You will receive multiple options with details and problem areas for your team to choose from.

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