Al Falaah Islamic Centre – Dannemora & Howick

Salat / Prayers
Time: Daily – Fajr, Zuhr, Asar, Maghrib and Isha There is regular attendance at each of the prayers.

Daily Fikr
Time: Daily – after Fajr
Language: English / Urdu.

Daily Taleem
Time: Daily – after Isha
Language: English / Urdu

Jumu’ah (Friday) Prayer
Khutbah starts at 1.55 PM each Friday (Daylight Savings time). This prayer is obligatory for all Muslims and this is the largest congregation of Muslims each week.
Time: Friday – 1.30 PM (Bayaan starts) Daylight Savings time
Speaker: Hafiz Riaz (Imam)
Language: English

Weekly Ladies Programme About Islam and its importance!
Time: Wednesday 7 – 9 pm
Language: English / Urdu

Dars e Qur’an
Qur’an tafseer in English
Speaker:Hafiz Riaz
Time: Friday – after Maghrib salat
Language: English / Arabic

Adult Arabic Classes
Time: Monday to Thursday – after Fajr
Tutor: Hafiz Riaz

Rules and Etiquettes:
Jumu’ah (Friday) Prayer
Due to the large attendance, parking is limited so please carpool if possible and arrive early.