FIANZ delivers first humanitarian food aid from NZ to Gaza


The first shipment of food from the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand (FIANZ) has reached Gaza, the organisation confirmed.



“We have managed to distribute food to a camp in Gaza which has approximately 200 tents and 2000 children and women,” Br. Mukhtar Ali Boya, of FIANZ Humanitarian Aid said in a statement.



Packets of cooked food were delivered as the organisation does not have cooking facilities or access to fresh water, FIANZ said.



Another initiative FIANZ has been able to help arrange, alongside international Muslim NGOs, is the arrival of 100 trucks of humanitarian aid to Gaza via Egypt.



“The final steps of the extensive logistics planning have been completed and we are now awaiting implementation,” FIANZ said.



The organisation said a team of volunteers from FIANZ are travelling to Egypt to support the international team and are hoping to “make a small contribution” of food, medical and sanitary products.



‘We were so grateful’




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